Sho Kassam, President


Originally from Mombasa, Kenya, Shohaib “Sho” Kassam brings an international perspective to Oklahoma Aviation. Sho began his tenure with Oklahoma Aviation in 2004 as our first flight instructor. He soon took the role of Chief Instructor as the company added pilots. Sho was Director of Operations when the company became available for sale in late 2010. He had missed the opportunity once before and didn’t hesitate the second time, he took ownership in 2011.

Sho stays active as a pilot in the Citation 680 and Hawker 750. He is type rated in the Cessna 525 series as well as the Beech 400 aircraft. His passion for flying is what steered him into aviation. Sho had a knack for business growing up in an entrepreneurial family, the ability to do both makes it a very fulfilling experience for him.


Ross Fischer, Vice President


Ross is a native of Oklahoma City and has been a part of Oklahoma Aviation’s team since 2007. He first was an intern with the company in high school, then worked the weekend desk through college, and finally joined our flight instruction team in 2010. From there his experience led him into management where he helped develop the flight training program. Ross’s skills translated well into corporate flying and he transitioned from full time flight instruction to managing several corporate aircraft for the company and eventually aided him in being a part of growing our charter operation. Ross is type rated in the Hawker 125, Cessna 525 and 510 series aircraft.


Jerry Yates, Director of Operations 135


Jerry grew up in Altus and started flying his senior year in High School. Attended Oklahoma State University from 1962-1964 where he earned his private and commercial pilot certificates and Airframe mechanic rating. Entered the Navy in 1964 and became a celestial navigator. Served for three tours on active duty which included a mission in Southeast Asia, Polar Regions and a trip around the world in 1970.
Jerry has served as Director of Operations for a Scheduled Air Carrier, and for several Charter Operations. Jerry joined Oklahoma Aviation in October of 2014 as Director of Maintenance and became Director of Operations in September of 2016. He will also serve as a Captain on the Citation 525 series aircraft. He is also a current Flight Instructor in Multi/Single engine land and instrument airplane. Jerry is type rated in IA-JET, CE 525, and CE 510, SIC.


Justin Covalt, Director of Maintenance

Justin Covalt is an Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic (A&P). His goal is to work closely with aircraft owners/pilots and ensure the highest quality maintenance for their aircraft. Justin understands that safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and excels in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of aircraft.
Prior to joining Oklahoma Aviation, Justin was with Textron Aviation Company for almost 20 years. He has Flight Safety International certifications in Cessna Citation and Beechcraft King Air airframes. Justin is also factory trained in Cirrus and Diamond aircraft. Justin holds an FAA Airframe and Power Plant license and Inspection Authorization (I.A.). A native of Oklahoma and a Private Pilot, he loves to fly his Cessna 210 when he is not turning wrenches!

Bret Wyatt, Chief Pilot 141

Born in rural Iowa, Bret Wyatt first moved to Southwest Oklahoma on military assignment in 1996 to Altus AFB to instruct Air Force Flight Engineers on the C-141B Starlifter cargo jet. Bret received his private pilot rating in the Air Force’s Aero Club system at a previous assignment and continued his civilian pilot training at Western Oklahoma State College in Altus, where he received his Instrument Rating, Single and Multi-engine Commercial Certificates, and his Flight Instructor Certificate. Upon completion of his tour at Altus he was then assigned to Tinker AFB where he joined the AWACS team in providing Command and Control of airborne combat resources in several combat theaters, including Southwest and Southeast Asia. During his remaining years in the Air Force Bret amassed some 2000 flight hours instructing Air Force members in the worldwide Air Force Aero Club system.

After retirement from the US Air Force in 2011, with 16 years general aviation experience and a dozen years of management experience, he joined our team of professional flight instructors. He now manages our team of instructors and serves as Chief Instructor for the entire flight school.

Bret brings a passion for general aviation, many years of experience, and a professional instructor expertise to Oklahoma Aviation seldom found in our industry.


Leslie Bush, Compliance Manager 141

Leslie has been a professional in the aviation industry since 2007. Formerly, a commercial and corporate flight attendant. Leslie transitioned into key administrative roles in 2014. Currently, she contributes to Oklahoma Aviation as an office administrator with a focus on our Veteran Affairs and International flight school students. She has a clear and concise approach to achieve client happiness and ultimate transparency. Leslie is here alongside you to help navigate your own aviation journey.

Anne Buthion, Charter Sales Administrator

Anne has 10 years of experience managing and event planning in Oklahoma City restaurants. During this time, she studied the art of tailored and unique customer service in the hospitality industry. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, and later with a Masters of Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology. After graduation, she launched her career in speech-language pathology, providing neuro-cognitive rehabilitation to those affected by stroke, and other types of brain damage. Her career deemed to be flexible and allowed time for traveling, for which she experienced private jet flights. The exposure to this type of travel, paired with her experience in hospitality sparked an interest to take the luxury, private jet experience to a different level.