To have an aircraft available to fly you where you need to go is a convenient, yet addictive experience; keeping that aircraft flying is a challenging commitment, and its management is a daily task. Oklahoma Aviation can relieve you of this burden so you can focus on managing your business and not your flight department.

Oklahoma Aviation can also place your aircraft in our Charter Operations, helping generate revenue and lowering your hourly operating costs. Our Part 135 Charter Program picks up the slack during slow flying periods, keeping crews proficient and airplanes exercised.

You are in control of when the airplane is available for Charter, keeping our aircraft owners number ONE is our top priority.

We provide our customers a complete menu of aircraft management services and concierge services that is attractive to corporations and individuals.

You can enjoy the privileges of aircraft ownership without the time consuming responsibilities. You maintain control and use of the aircraft with complete confidence that you have entrusted your asset to the right company

Oklahoma Aviation provides the following services for Managed Aircraft:

  • Charter revenue program
  • Crew selection, Management and Scheduling Training
  • Crew Payroll Services
  • Discounts on Fuel, Maintenance, Crew Training, Hangar and Insurance
  • Maintenance Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing
  • Trip Planning and Execution
  • Arranging Catering and Ground Transportation
  • Coordinating FAA Compliance and Maintenance Regulations