Jet Evaluation (Citation M2, CJ4, XLS and Sovereign+)

The Jet Evaluation Program is designed for Aircraft Owners, Pilots and Flight Departments interested in learning more about the Jets currently operated by Oklahoma Aviation. We can provide a unique unbiased view point by sharing our operational expertise and experience. Jet evaluation prepares the savvy buyer or pilot to be better prepared and equipped with the knowledge necessary to make the right aircraft purchase for your mission.  Our Jet Evaluation program consists of ground and flight evaluation in the aircraft of your interest with our dedicated, Flight Safety type rated pilot. Additionally, we have maintenance expertise in house. Our Flight Safety trained maintenance team will help you better understand the time and costs involved in keeping your jet in tip top shape. Jet Evaluation has the following options available to choose from:

  • Ground Evaluation (Maintenance Team)
  • Flight Evaluation (Pro-Pilot Assisted)
  • Ground and Flight Evaluation

Aircraft currently operated:

  • 2014 Citation M2
  • 2015 Citation CJ4
  • 2015 Citation XLS+
  • 2014 Citation Sovereign+

Call/Email us for Additional Information and Pricing at 405-787-4568 or email [email protected]